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September 3 - 5, 2021
Enjoy a quiet family weekend together!!

Unplug!  Leave the electronics at home & disconnect from the hustle & bustle!

Designed for relaxation not programs, our 100 acre property provides you with a peaceful, quiet atmosphere so you can enjoy the family time you've been longing for!

What's Included:

4 Amazing Meals 

Comfortable Family Housing

2 Family Oriented Bible Seminars

Activity Ideas:

Go hiking, fishing, canoeing, or take a day trip to close by attractions. We’ll even pack a lunch for you to enjoy so you don't have to worry about missing meal times, then return to camp for a restful evening.

$95 base fee per family
$40 per person ages 13 and up
$25 per person ages 7 - 12 
$20 per person ages 3 - 6